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Are you ready to take your business and career to the next level? Ready to approach life and Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Brilliant.(tm) and stand out? If you are finding it hard to be yourself, and looking for ways to bust through those barriers and start celebrating success, we are ready to help you!

The Ladybird Files(tm) is not your average consultancy. We have several areas to help to help you, whether you want help in:
  • your digital space, and presenting yourself as well online as you do in person
  • your career, and making changes or optimizing what you can do
  • your home space, making it somewhere you want to be and designing your life to be something you want to celebrate

We are a consultancy providing individual, group coaching, and online support for people motivated to make changes and do the work necessary to get what they want out of things! Pam Robertson, Ph.D. is a coach with international experience, who has trained with leading coaches, consultants, and professors so that she can work with anyone ready to deal with their own career and business conundrums,like these:

  • I'm not making enough money in my business
  • I can't get all the things done I need to do each day/month/quarter
  • I am having trouble balancing my family, career, and making some time for ME!  

In addition to developing a team that operates from Alberta and British Columbia, Pam has developed our Personalised Growth Accelerator ™ to guide you through your conundrums, and get sorted out at work and at home (want a new job? A promotion? To write that book you’ve been thinking about? To break through HUGE barriers in your life or business?) 

All our programs include great bonuses with topics you can apply right away including:

  • Tapping into your creativity
  • Improving focus
  • Being strategic
  • Achieving mental fitness
  • Thriving in chaos

Call and book your initial meeting NOW by dialing (780) 232-0083. Don’t worry about email (which can get caught in a filter! ), or you can fill out the form on our contact page.

Get help with:

  • Getting moving on a particular project, like writing that book and turning it into a bestseller
  • Breaking through barriers preventing you from getting what you want
  • Deciding what you stand for and refining your brand
  • Time management and productivity upgrade
  • Developing COURAGE(tm) and resiliency, managing change, and more.

“As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path we must think ever and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate out lives.” Henry David Thoreau

Call and book your initial meeting NOW and ask about our bonuses.  
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“Happiness means taking risks. And if you’re not a little scared, you’re not doing it right.” Sarah Addison Allen, The Peach Keeper .

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